Client: The Home Depot & American Woodmark Corporation

Event: The Home Depot 2017 Designer Roadshow

Role: Media Experience Designer

Deliverables: Custom Logo, Bandana, Cover Design, Printed Interactive Workshop Pamphlet

I worked closely with American Woodmark and Senior Instructional Designer Holly Franzell on the 2017 Designer Roadshow. The Roadshow is an event for major in-store brands go around the US to show in store associates the new features of products that will be coming and how they can sell them to customers. To make the Roadshow a fun experience, they wanted a “Survivor Theme”. There was very little back and forth with the client because they were extremely satisfied with deliverable, they even wanted bandana’s with the logo for the associate’s to take home.

Client: (n+1) designstudio

Event: NAB Show

Role: Designer/Animator

Deliverables: Marketing Email Blast

There was a competition day to design an email blast for (n+1) designstudio NAB Show presentation between the designers to create the best three-day emailer template. Creative Director Bob English selected my design, as he enjoyed the layout expanding the “+” from the logo, balancing out typography and imagery.

All of the designers in (n+1) design studio were given the task of refreshing the SMT logo, our parent company’s logo. The CEO had a hand in making the original logo, and wanted to keep the diamond shape and the idea of the “eye”.

My design was chosen as the final logo design and here is the final look at the deliverables.

Client: Sports Media Technology

Role: Brand Designer

Deliverables: Final Logo, stationary set, business cards, software loading screen, computer wallpaper.

Worked together with Michael Gustaferro for a Magazine Ad.