From AI to AE - Tips & Tricks

I used Adobe Illustrator to create the Animation 1 vectors ( Gucci Logo Vector). I wanted the base of the animation to be Vector Based, so items can be resized at anytime to suit the needs of the animation.

Tip #1: When going to Aftereffects from Illustrator, only use one artboard in a video format and ratio.

Keep all of your assets in the art board, if you can. This helps with importing with the same size you want to start animating in.

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 5.09.44 PM.png


I know, this sucks, but this time is not wasted when you are transitioning 50+ layers you can not preview very well in AE. If you don’t like typing but know which sections you want to animate first, just use this process:

[Linear order number]_[subsection order number or Item]_[one word detail or whatever you want]

01_03_circle stoked


This has helped me when I import in my Illustrator layers and then color label them immediately to help me section of areas quickly so I can organize them on the timeline.

Tip #3: Add Empty layers with a different number.

This tip I learned from a great motion graphic freelancer and has saved me so many times. This seems odd, but when you are animating your illustration import, you find you need an extra piece of something, or need to edit it some way, this really helps!

  1. Just go back to the original Illustrator file.

  2. Add what you need in the empty layer

  3. Save the file then go back into Aftereffects.

This tip has saved me so much time and I always have a least 5 empty layers in my AI files for AE because of this. And I always wind up using those layers when I animate.

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 5.11.51 PM.png