Gucci Store Visit


I visited the Gucci Store on Sloane street for the first time. It was my first personal visit to a Gucci store to experience first hand the physical representation of the brand. The store had been redone last fall. The ground level was an open space with purses displayed, and the first floor had velvet walls to make it more comfortable as the customers walked around.

The three associates I spoke to, even after telling them I was visiting the store out of curiosity about the brand and not purchasing today, treated me very well. Letting me explore the pieces on the floor at my leisure and offered me an incredible cup of tea. I asked them questions about what Gucci’s fashion represents and what they personally enjoy in the collection. I admitted that I was nervous as to what to expect from the associates and the security; no one wants to walk into an experience that makes one feel “lesser than.” The associates agreed that they know a few luxury brands who do promote the “snooty to costumers experience” to those who don't fit their clientele. Gucci, on the other hand, does not find this approach to potential customers very fruitful. They have the stores open to anyone who wants to experience Gucci, and the associates are on the floor to assist and help them find what they want.

I was able to explain my project for Gucci of improving the after customer experience, even showed two of them the first animation I had created already. The associate’s agreed that it could be an excellent gift for online customers only. Douglas was the associate that informed me that the bag and box wrapping the item could change but confirmed the white bag and black and white box is the default. He offered to give me one of the bags that wrap the products but was not able to provide me with one. He instead gave me this spring Gucci take away bag with small booklets of the fashion show, as shown above.