The Struggles of Animation 2

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 10.33.22 PM.png

After being inspired by the Gucci Store visit, I dove back into making vectors of the DHL plane and vehicle for package delivery.

There always are moments during the animation process that the storyboards would transition perfectly…and then it just feels so off.

I was having a tunnel vision of forcing to make the animation work. The sequence was to show a package get on a plane and then the plane takes off into the Gucci box. But the angle that the box was moving into the plane was so high that it made the plane make this…weird downward angle when it needs to feel like it’s taking off.

Also if this animation needed to be a gif on a phone…the cut out of the plane above the Gucci box makes an awkward cut. But if the plane is IN the box, the transition looked odd as well.

Feel free to watch the video on the side to see the render of the comp I was messing around with for way too long.


After multiple attempts, and a few headaches, I had to push myself away from making something work that obviously wasn’t working. I was in too deep and my professor gave me guidance to look elsewhere for what the animation needed.

I’m walking away from this for a few days to work on my other project to get out of this crazy tunnel.