Client: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Event: The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug LA Premiere

Role: Designer/Animator

Deliverables: Custom Template, Transition Animation


This project was one of the most memorable two-day turn arounds for me. We had two days to customize the template with animated page transitions from The Man of Steel premiere for the Hobbit Trilogy. Since I was the well-known Lord of the Rings fan in the office, the creative director and project manager told me in person that I’ll be customizing the template for the movie Premiere with huge grins on their faces. I immediately dived into customizing this template with so much enthusiasm; my co-workers laughed and sang “The Misty Mountains” behind me in a chorus.

That was my favorite day in the office!

Client: Yahoo! Movies

Event: Catching Fire Movie Premiere

Role: Designer/Animator

Deliverables: Create New Template

I worked directly with the Creative director and developer when creating this template. The Yahoo had just announced their logo redesign and told us that they wanted to keep the design simple and intuitive for the hosts to navigate on the Smart TV in-between interviews, while also showing off the new logo. I made sure to follow the new brand guidelines they delivered to us and used the darkest purple in their palette to make the logo had the highest contrast point in the design, that way it stands out to meet the client's need without overwhelming the whole composition.

Our group was comprised of three UX designers, two programmers and an animator. I had brought everyone together with my initial idea of an augmented reality walking tour through Kingston, everyone agreed that I would be the Project Lead. We discussed what is realistic to create with the final application with the programmers and the UX designers started researching immediately. The UX’ers, including myself, analyzed the research and polished the user journey through the application through one walking tour. After the group agreed with the user path, I created the style guide asking for the group’s approval through the process, as I want the team voice how they feel about the overall design.

We met up together once a week to get together and keep each other on track for the final deliverable and presentation.

Kingston University Group Project

Role: Project / Design Lead

Deliverables: Final Application Look, Marketing Video, Motion Graphics, Custom Iconography, UX Design


Client: US OPEN

Event: US OPEN 2014

Role: Designer/Animator

Deliverables: Info tower UI design, Jumbotron UI design and Animated Transitions

We had one day to create a pitch video for the US OPEN, all the designers were told to design the UI graphics based on the US OPEN logo in the morning, and the approved look will then be animated for the rest of the day in the animated pitch video. My design was chosen and then polished a bit further by the Creative Director and Art Director. Then was tasked to animate additional motion graphic transitions so that the US OPEN could review the pitch in the next morning. We all came together and made it work on time. The video above displays my designs and transitions for the Info tower and Jumbotron.


The design team at (n+1) designstudio met up in groups pulling together mood boards of how we think REVOLT TV should feel. The designers designed many different template and layouts of the user journey, the hosts, of how they will be interacting with the software and have simple motions for them, so they are not delayed in real time when they are on camera.

Sadly, REVOLT loved the idea but did not have the budget to move forward with these concepts.


Role: Designer/Animator

Deliverables: Custom Social media application for Smart TV’s and Microsoft Surface.

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Facebook post expanded out to show comments underneath.