Iconography Animation for...who?

The biggest question I have been having the hardest time finding the answer for is what my focus needs to be on for the iconography animation? The example shown in class was simple interface animation, but iconography is very specific. There needs to be a purpose for multiple icons to be in a sequence or pattern together, and how would the animation tell the story?

I decided to focus on the research of how UX animation could be a benefit for the user and came across these two books:

SVG Animations: From Common UX Implementations to Complex Responsive Animation, by Sarah Drasner

Designing Interface Animation: Meaningful Motion for User Experience, by Val Head

Val Head’s quote really rings true for me. “It’s all about how to use animated deliverables to make animation part of your design process sooner. Stop letting those static deliverables hold you back: stop leaving animation to the last minute

(Source: https://valhead.com/2017/12/15/stop-leaving-animation-to-the-last-minute/)